ZB32 Cutter Grinder





  • Optional Air bearing has a hard chromed spindle for long life, standard 5C collets.
  • The tooth rest finger is easily adjustable by turning a knurled knob on either end of the tooth rest bracket.
  • “Clearance angle collar” marks angular setting easy-swivels universally for radial relief sharpening.
  • Optional Air bearing fixture is precision honed and capable of grinding to tight tolerances.
  • Tools sharpened on an air bearing fixture cut smoother, the spindle floats on friction “fingersensitive” control for sharpening end mills as small as 2mm, sharpens all over-periphery, end teeth, notches, flute faces.
  • Air bearing fixture is easily mounted to ZB-32A grinder.
  • Cutting tool capacity-Ø42mm shank, 250mm flute length.

  • 6 Jaw Self-Centering Chuck
  • Grinding Wheel (recessed one side)
  • “Dish” Grinding Wheel for Point Thining
  • Grinding Wheel Flange and Balancing Weights
  • Two Grinding Wheel Diamond Dressers (one side dresser and one straight)
  • No 1,2,3,4 Morse Taper Sleeve
  • Cam No.4 for Point Angle (40º -180º)
  • Cam No.6 for Step Drill
  • Cam No.8 for 4 Flute Taps or Reamers Core Drill
  • A.C. Brake Motor for Safety & Fast Drills Interchange
  • Service/Instruction Manual
  • Work Light
  • Stand


  • Flood Coolant System. (Increases wheel life and prevents burning of drill.)
  • Diamond Wheels for Carbide Drills.
  • C.B.N. Wheels (one side chamfer) for Point Grinding & Point Splitting.
  • Wheel Balancer & Arbor
  • Cam for Sheet Metal Point Drills
  • Extra Grinding Wheel Flange for Cup Wheel.
  • Cup Grinding Wheel
  • Cam for Left Hand Drills
  • Cam for Sheet Metal Point Drills
  • Radial Relief Attachment

The ZB-32A offers an easy way to achieve drill point accuracy. The one machine which grinds conventional and many specialized drill points. Set up in a few seconds.

All specifications, dimensions and design charactertics are subject to change without notice.

Drill Size 1.5~32mm
(Straight or Taper Shank)  
Point Angle 40o~180°
Clearance Angle 0o~18°
Workhead Tilting Angle 0o~20°
Brake Motor hp
Grinding Wheels 180x20x31.75mm
Dish Wheels 165x21x31.75mm
Net Weight 120kgs
Dimensions 820x790x740mm

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