ZB160 Cutter Grinder





The Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder Model ZB-160U is versatile in operation without requiring special skills. All milling cutters, endmills, shell endmills, staggered tooth cutters, rough endmills, step drills and taps can be ground.

The Model ZB-160U is designed to fabricate and resharpen HSS and carbide tools in small and medium quantities.

In one chucking operation, the machine can perform the grinding of the rake angle of the flute, clearance angle on the periphery and the end of the tool.

A few seconds set up time for helix angle.

Due to the backlash free operation, spiral toothed, solid carbide or carbide tipped milling cutters can be ground with high accuracy thus far only achieved by CNC grinders.

The heavy duty compound slides and one piece cast-iron base provide extra rigidity and minimize vibration.


Standard Equipment

  • Taper Grinding Attachment
  • One Grinding Wheel Hub
  • One Indexing Plate 24 Divisions
  • One Finger Support
  • One Set of Operating Tools
  • One Operating Instruction Manual



Tool Diameter 2-200mm
Spiral Length with Workhead Spindle 160mm
Longitudinal Travel of Workhead 280mm
Cross Travel of Workhead 130mm
Rapid Cross move with Hand Lever 18mm
Vertical Movement of Wheel Head 230mm
Tilting Angle of Wheel Head 30°
Workhead Spindle ISO40
Spiral Flute & Axial Relief Grinding
Infinitely Variable, Left & Right Hand
Helix Angle 0°~90°
Grinding Wheel Diameter Max.150mm Grinding wheel Bore 31.75mm
Grinding Motor 0.75Kw
Grinding Wheel Direction Clockwise or anti-clockwise
Grinding Spindle Speeds 6300, 3800, 2600 R.P.M.
Net Weight 540 kgs
Dimensions 1480mm x 1120mm x 1640mm

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